EA Sports stellte heute einen weiteren Patch für FIFA 12 online. Die Version 1.02 behebt einige Fehler und optimiert das Spiel.

  • Fixed a memory leak that would cause Origin to crash.
  • Fixes to our installation and updating systems.
  • Fixed an install issue that was forcing users to download all language packs.
  • Goalkeeper control in online matches: We asked for your feedback and we got lots of it. After reviewing that and our own telemetry, we decided that enough people were abusing this feature online to negatively affect the experience of the majority. So we have decided to remove the ability to press Back/Select and play as the goalkeeper, allowing the CPU to defend, in all online matches. The function remains available in offline matches.
  • Fixed a situation that would see the user in an empty FUT Store without button functionality.
  • Fixed a FUT crash when using custom tactics.
  • Fixed a hard lock that would occur when applying a Manager Contract after purchasing a Bronze Premium Pack in FUT.
  • Fixed a situation that would see some users being disconnected from FUT after five seconds of connectivity.
  • We have optimized the FUT server to speed up transactions.