Zipper Interactive verkündete im eigenen Forum, dass sobald das Playstation Network wieder online ist, ein neuer Patch für SOCOM: Special Forces zum Download bereit stehen wird.

Die wichtigsten Änderungen:
Repaired multiple issues related to camera collision
Added controller options for adjusting the dead zone and acceleration curve
Added option to activate a center dot for your targeting reticule if desired
Added option to turn in-game XP displays on or off
Removed Merits and Victory Dances in Clan Challenge Matches
„Ready“ Clans are now filtered to the top of the Clan Challenge list
Added Clan Lobby Player Counts to Clan Challenge Invites
Made improvements to camera while in “Spectator” View
Increased Victory Dance animation duration
Multiplayer Gametypes are now organized by category
Added queues for “Classic Small Suppression. Classic Medley” and “Classic Small Medley”